domingo, setembro 21, 2008

A crise económico-financeira em síntese

"It is obvious to all that the root of the problem was the housing bubble which was the result of mortgages issued to people who could not afford those mortgages. This was pushed by GSEs Fannie and Freddie which were created by Gov’t. legislation. This was facilitated by massive credit creation by the Federal Reserve, which is a private organization created by Gov’t. legislation. And those who profited from all this, Wall Street financial types, have now been saved by Gov’t action, soon to be ratified by Gov’t legislation.

So those who caused the problem are tasked to solve it? So why does anyone believe that Gov’t will create conditions for market economies to function properly? Welcome to the USSA (United Soviet States of America). Like the Patriot Act after 911, crisis are used to implement permanent authoritarian measures. The globalists get what they want at the expense of us mere pigeons. Remember that finance is derivative, not creative of real wealth such as manufacturing. Finance merely moves money around, and when they win, somebody loses in a zero-sum game. Guess who will be the losers?

This is the death knell of American/Western civilization."

Rick Johnson

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